Touch Up

My Twilight Pixie painting was featured in a treasury today, and I had one of those “oh, it’s still there?!?!” moments. It’s been hanging in my bedroom and I kept meaning to do some touch up painting on it and make it look better (because, well, honestly it looked pretty bad, but was great for where I was at the time). Nothing like discovering it again and seeing it featured to motivate a re-do. So that’s what I did. I hated the way the black background looked – I was using acrylic like watercolors and didn’t spend enough time on it to make it solid and was afraid of using all of my tiny little tube of it. Although, months later, I have another tube of black and still haven’t used up the whole smaller tube, I figured I could spare it. I took pictures of it after it dried (I love the fast drying paint most of the time…) and updated it on etsy, so now it looks *much* better.

But I thought it would be even more fun to post a before and after picture:

Twilight Pixie fixed

LOTR (and stuff)

It’s weird, blogging almost daily and then not touching it for several days. I was missing it this morning, but didn’t really have time to sit down and write until now. The last few days have been full of fun adventures (and the exhaustion that inevitably follows, tomorrow I’ll probably sleep in late).

So, earlier this week, we planned on going to see The Fellowship of the Ring (extended edition) in New Hampshire for it’s one-night re-release event.


Hannah wanted to go in costume, and I decided I wanted to also, so, on Monday we went to walmart to see if we could find anything to piece together a costume with. We found a Tube-top Maxi dress in black, then went off to the sewing section to get some sheer black material to attach a cape/sleeves and some ribbon to tie around the front. I decided to go as a random elf, and Hannah wore a version of Arwen’s riding outfit that she’d put together on Saturday. Hannah, Amanda, and I spent most of Monday working on the costume – pinning, hemming, piecing together. Sheer material is hard to sew – especially if it’s been a while. It was really nice to sew again though, it’s been too long. I’d like to get my machine fixed, or buy a new one someday.

If costume making wasn’t enough – we got sparkle paint, foam brushes, and buttons at Walmart because a family friend gave me a little boat-shelf that Amanda and I decided to turn into a fairy house. I’ve been wanting a fairy/dollhouse, so when I saw the boat-shelf, my first thought was that it was a great shape for a fairy house and that it just needed to have it’s oar taken off and some paint added. So after we put together the costume, Amanda and I painted the shelf with sparkles. It currently looks like a fairy hiccuped and sent pixie dust flying – which is a perfectly good look in my opinion. I haven’t done anything with the furniture Amanda was sweet enough to make and find for me, but when I do that, and possibly add some holes in the wood, and paint details on the outside, I’ll post pictures.

Monday night, we took Hannah home and stopped by Michael’s on the way. We picked up some Liquid Latex with the intent of making elf ears. Unfortunately, Michaels didn’t carry Spirit gum or Scar wax – so we ended up spending the night experimenting with making ears only to realize that it would be hard to attach them.


We hung out most of the day, and went to Claire’s where I picked up some last minute makeup to finish off my costume – warm palette of eyeshadow and sparkly liquid eyeliner. I also looked into what goes into a stage makeup kit. So I picked up some eyelash curlers and sparkly green nail polish. When the ears were dry, we tried to put them on with double sided tape, which surprisingly didn’t stick to ears. So we’ve resolved to find some scar wax and spirit gum in time for The Hobbit and we’re hoping to be able to experiment with prosthetics a little. I’d like to learn how to do stage makeup – I think Super 8 might have inspired me a little bit. I’d like to get a kit together, so I think I’ll start building my own intermittently, and maybe sometime we can buy some character makeup kits.

So, an hour before we had to leave, Hannah and I started getting ready and putting our costumes. Maxi dresses are long even when I’m wearing high heels. I haven’t worn a long dress in a long time. When we got to the theater, Hannah and I were the only two people who were dressed up. But afterwords some one came up to use and told us they were beautiful, and some other people were geeking out, so it was all good. The only sad thing was that IHOP was closed…I was really looking forward to getting pancakes at 10:30, but apparently they don’t do that in New Hampshire. So we got some food at McDonalds, only to see on the way back home, that Applebees was still open. We were too tired to think, and got home an hour and 15 minutes later and crashed.


Today we slept, and I made crepes for lunch because there were no pancakes for dinner. Hannah and I played through the lego pirates demo and explored the Kinect Fun Labs. My brain is moving slow today – I may be slightly over tired. Right now Alex is making latex molds of a rock and leaves. We had leftovers for dinner and I feel oddly ready for bed…but I also want to work on my fairy house. Oh, and I replaced my cardboard desk with a chest my in-laws weren’t using anymore, so now, my art stuff is all organized! ๐Ÿ˜€

Pink Thicket

Yesterday I made a really cool watercolor painting, that inspired me to create a similar painting with acrylic on an 8×10 canvas. Again it’s relatively simplistic, although, I had a broader color palette this time and did an undercoat of pink before applying the blue to make an interesting periwinkle sky. The fairy’s dress is just a faded shade of the colors of the plants surrounding her – I used black to outline it all because I like how it stands out. I wanted to try something different though, so I added ย white dots at the end across the painting to give it a different, more grunge like feel, as opposed to the smooth swirly feel in the watercolor.

I really love how both paintings turned out in their similarities and differences. I might try and do some more of these in watercolor, as I learned that I actually prefer it when I’m doing something like this. I think it’s because of how much I need the paint to flow…

Magic (or, I can make faces!)

Today, I finally played some WoW, leveled and then started painting. With my tiny new brushes, I can make faces!!!! in watercolor (and acrylics, but still)!

I’m very excited.

I realized something today, I have a lot of projects going on (in my head) and I need to figure out how to do them all between 12:30 and 7. I guess I could start waking up at 9 again (:P)…But basically, I’ve got to work on the script for The Balloons, paint every day while listening to Harry Potter – and work on some specific projects to send out this month, and make some progress leveling from 74 to 85. It doesn’t really sound like much, but I usually end up getting distracted and each of these things require a couple hours of my attention solely (or halfly with harry potter) devoted to them. Not to mention things like…..dishes and sweeping and walks and stuff that need to be done every day (ish) too. I’m not a rigid schedule person – working things out hour by hour doesn’t work for me at all, but maybe if I alternate days between World of Warcraft and Screenwriting that would be good.

So I think I’ll try that over this week and see how it goes.

I think I used too much glitter…

I finished my second fairy house today. Added all the decorations, admittedly, mostly glitter. I also found a few other odds and ends to put inside – my compact mirror and some tiny animals from boxes of Red Rose tea (or whatever it’s called). I used my bottle cap to top the thread-spool-crochet-topped mushroom table and added a magical button swing/elevator on the second level. I also used pink thread to add a bit of flowyness to the outside, and a button hangs down above the entrance. I think I finally made something that my husband *liked* the glitter on…although now it’s all over me and I can’t seem to get it off. ๐Ÿ™‚


[slickr-flickr tag=”glitter” type=”slideshow”]


In other news, I went outside today when we had a bit of sun and that felt really good and I stopped coughing for a bit. I’m coughing again now, but I think I’m getting better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Brushes and Art Cards

Yesterday, I finally got some brushes – a spotter and two rounds of varying sizes. I LOVE THEM.

Ran out of watercolor paper and the bookstore didn’t have what I needed in stock, so I made three ACEO’s while listening to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.


face aceoI made a FACE without having to correct a ton of random lines from frayed or fraying brushes.

mushroom aceoA detailed mushroom with shades of blue…

simple flower aceoAnd a simple flower.