About Kiery's Whimsy

Artist Statement

“The creative adult is the child who has survived.” – Ursula K. LeGuin

When we grow up we try to leave those things that move us and turn our attention to life and bills, but sometimes we find them again for a moment and something in our soul clicks and radiates, it wakes up and inspires our inner child, and that’s what I hope to create.


In 2010 Kierstyn decided to start taking up  painting again, and it came back to her like she’d never stopped. Eventually she decided that it would be great to re-open her old etsy shop (and rebrand) and Kiery’s Whimsy was born. Her paintings currently encompass her new found love of fantasy and sci-fi, and all things whimsical and imaginative. She creates her paintings using primarily acrylics and watercolors.

Where can I find Kiery’s Art?

Kiery sells most of her original paintings and art cards on Etsy, hosts a portfolio to showcase her work, and loves flickr. Her illustrations are also featured in her book The Balloon Lady, and this article on Quivering Daughters.

Does Kiery offer custom paintings or illustration services?

Currently, Kiery is offering her illustration services for the cost of supplies ($10-$20) and credit if/when the work is published. She’ll also do one or two images for blog posts or articles with credit and a link back (waiving the supply fee). If you’d like a custom painting, you should send her an email (kiery [at] kieryking [dot] com) or contact her via etsy conversation.