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The Sims4 Series

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I’ve decided that it would be really fun to do a series of videos or maybe even livestreams (depending on how well my laptop can hold up to it) of the Sims4. It’s been done before, but I’m going to put a new twist on it. We’ll start by building up Newcrest (the blank Sims4…

PAX Recap/ Conthroat 2015


Here’s the thing about PAX. You’re surrounded by creative people for 3-4 days, you see all of the things they made, you hear them talk about it, you get to demo their ideas. You get to ask the people who actually work on the thing about the thing and it’s totally invigorating. Makes me feel…



I’ve been wanting to do #VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) for a while now, but just never have. This year I’m going to actually try to do it. So if you want to follow along, I’ll be using Vimeo because my phone doesn’t upload to youtube, and @KieryGeek on twitter will autopost when a…